Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Farewell My Friend

Farewell My Friend.

Like a breath in the wind, the spirit carries you,
A memory to hold, and a smile so true,
You entered my life a small ball of fur,
So soft and sweet, yet scared and shy,
When we came to see you, you hid under a car,
Only for a hand to take you and place you in my arms,

It was there in that moment that I knew you were meant for me,
But it wasn't set in stone that day,
No we had to go and talk it over, but not for long,
For the following day arrived and the decision made,
And that afternoon you were wearing your small blue collar,
With pride in your heart you never wanted it off, never struggled against it,

With your half white face, and tear-drop markings,
You marked my heart for life.
That first week you were uncertain, but the bond was there.
Not a whimper you made, no cry you shed.
You knew you were home, no longer the shed,
Your name was already set, and held just for you.

It's meaning - of light, and that's what you were.
The light of my life, the shadow of my heart,
But 10 years on it was time for you to depart,
With words shared between you and me, on Christmas day,
You stayed strong for as long as you could,
But the day came when you had to go,

You chose not to spend your last hour with me,
You knew it would hurt me even more to see you go,
Your last breath was of your own accord,
Surrounded by the people and things you loved most,
But now a hole you have left in me,
But rest my friend, for now you are free.

No more pain to feel,
No more tears you shed,
You are needed elsewhere now,
But I won't ever forget the love you gave,
Or the trust you bestowed to me,
And with tears I must say, farewell my friend.

Jennifer Don © 2013

Dedicated to the finest four legged friend anyone could ever hope to share their life with. Life doesn't feel right without you at my side. I'm going to miss your cuddles every night and your cheeky fun filled face each time I come home. God bless you Lucy, my angel, my friend. Always in my heart xxxx
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