Thursday, 26 April 2012

Koda Post 6

Writing from the heart. - Guest post by Wendy Siefken.

A friend of mine recently told me I should write a blog and write from the heart. I have always been a very private person, not letting anyone get too close to me. I have kept people at arms length if  not more. I can relate to a lot of people's pain whether it be from abuse or a painful past or even surgeries. I don't talk about my own much but am willing to talk to others and help them with theirs. I let them know that I have been there too so can understand. I used to talk when I was young but found no one really cared. One person even said, "the further in time you get from the incident the less people care." So I stopped talking about it.
Now flash forward a life time with kids and getting them raised and again I find myself talking about something I never figured anyone would want to hear about. My son, Charlie who has learning difficulties while in school, people want to know about! Charlie has dyslexia and cross modalities. Together we have written a book called "Kai's Journey". We are indie authors and have come a long way. I found that people wanted to know more about Charlie's struggles and how he overcame them and still graduated high school. When we were querying agents I was told by an ISU professor to not share too much. Less is more. So I stopped telling the agents about Charlie and his struggles to become an author. Now that we have joined the MasterKoda site on facebook and gone onto a few of their parties and talked, People want to know about him!
The local school has contacted us asking if we would talk to a student about how to become an author. The AEA is wanting to talk to us also to maybe help set up a new way of teaching for kids who don't learn in the "normal" way. As the principal Mr. Kozak stated, "teach outside the box" by incorporating their passion with the lessons needed to be taught. To go along with that, I have also contacted the guidance councillor to talk about doing presentations to schools concerning some of the perils to watch out for when walking the road to getting published. I have found that here in Iowa,even authors who have been published for a long time really don't' want to impart much information as for the ways of getting published. I want to let those kids know that while it is something to strive for to be careful out there and question everything!
I am by far an expert on any one thing in regards to getting published, but I am learning everyday new things and new ideas. I hope to pass that knowledge on to new and upcoming authors from Iowa. We may not have Chicago, or New York here but I am here and all it takes is one snow flake to start an avalanche! I am quoting a friend there. Just because we are out in the boonies doesn't mean we can't help others find their way. While we don't know how this will all come about we are pro actively reaching out to others to possibly help out aspiring authors and poets to realize their dreams. I realized long ago, no one is going to come knocking on my door asking for my knowledge or to ask us to speak. I am taking the initiative and going out to our local school and using them as a pilot to see how it goes and how we could improve if needed. We are still working on stories but also trying to start other venues in our area too.
Our journey to getting published wasn't' just us writing a story, it was a group effort. Our local school helped us, friends helped us. Our local newspaper took an interest in us and helped us. Our local library was a great resource for information we were looking for. No matter how outlandish it sounded. Even our local vet helped us too! We hope to repay all those people who have helped us by paying it forward and helping others who are also looking to reach their dreams. So to sum all this up. You never know who does want to hear your life's story, good or bad. You never know who you can help until you try. Most important of all, if you have a dream, never give up!

A Link to Wendy and Charles' book can be found HERE 

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Anathema Review

Anathema, by K.A Tucker - The Review.

Anathema is a well written, smooth flowing, Young Adult Paranormal novel written by K.A. Tucker, and is not your typical Vampire novel. It is filled with twists and turns to keep you yearning for more, drawing you deeper into Evangeline’s world.

Anathema follows Evangeline’s journey between two worlds, one dominated by humans and the other by vampires alone. A Journey built on naivety and unwilling trust to do what is right to survive.  Between these two worlds she learns the truth of what surrounds her and finds love in the most unlikely of places.
Friendships built on lies fall apart like badly woven string, while new bonds are formed from the old. Caden, a Vampire, does all he can to protect Evangeline from harm whilst she remains in his world, as she makes friends with Amelie his sister, Fiona and Bishop. All the while trying to avoid being caught by the Council, who would either kill her for being human, or torture her until she reveals where others like her remain. .
Evangeline later discovers that her dreams to this world were not dreams at all. In fact they were real and it scared her, but she longed to be there, despite the danger. Not only that, but she had no choice. If she wanted to live, she had to follow what was demanded of her from Sofie, Viggo and Mortimer.
Best laid plans don’t work out as spells twist and work unexpectedly putting Evangeline’s life in even more danger despite almost having the one thing she wanted.

This novel had me gripping its pages, waiting for more, wanting more. I was so pulled by it, that even when I wasn’t reading its well written prose, I would dream about Evangeline, I would imagine different scene's that hadn't been written. I could see myself as being her and wanting what she wanted. I could feel everything that she felt, and to me that’s the tell-tale signs of a book well worth it. Before I leave you to decide whether it is a book for you or not, I wanted to share a small section that truly highlights just well this book is written.

‘A relentless, bone-chilling drizzle had laid siege to Portland for the month of September—the kind of gloomy, wet weather that made a person dream of hibernating under a heavy blanket until spring.’ – Anathema, by K.A. Tucker.

A novel I found hard to put down, but whether you enjoy Young Adult novels or not, surely the pull of Vampires is enough to tempt your blood thirsty compulsion to read this book. I am now ready to dip into Asylum, the second book in this the Casual Enchantment Series.

Rating 4 out 5

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Koda Post 5

This weeks Koda Posting comes direct to you from Tasha Turner

How to Appear Intelligent on the Internet

Here are a few suggestions

Phrase your posts with caution. Make your opinions known but don’t force them on others. Expel anger and frustration before typing. Always try to be clear and respectful. Remember that sarcasm doesn’t always come across the right way and some people may take genuine offense to a comment that was never meant to cause harm.

There are exceptions to the below rules. You may want to have someone you trust look at what you are responding to and your response prior to posting the response. I always have my husband check before I post if I am angry and/or passionate about something.

  • Always cite your source(s) as this makes you look like you really know your stuff and gives you back-up proof that you are correct.
  • Reread your posts (quietly to yourself out loud) while smiling. If you can’t read it with a smile on your face re-writing and/or rewording it will make it a better post (even if you are angry this is a good thing to do). If you cannot do this because you are too angry then you need to wait before posting and/or commenting.
  • If you are very angry – write-up your response – then keep it as a draft. Sleep on it for 24-72 hours then re-read the original post that upset you. Read your response out loud to yourself while smiling, and ask yourself “does this response make my point in such a way that I can be heard”. It never hurts to have someone else look at the post you are responding to and your reply before sending it. Also ask yourself how a lurker will view you in light of this response
  • If you’re angry and it seeps into your every post/comment/email — take a sabbatical from the group/blog/forum for a couple of days or a week.
  • Read all of what someone writes in a thread before responding as reading only part of a thread can lead to misunderstanding due to missing context or reiterating information and/or a question that has already been addressed.
  • Don’t “bait” and ignore those that try to “bait” you. Avoid the slippery slope into insults and focus on intelligent conversation instead. Insults lower your standing in the eyes of fellow posters and will lead to confrontation. Avoid them like the plague!
  • Respond in a quiet and respectful tone – especially to someone who you feel has insulted you – this helps to keep the conversation flowing and helps you in making your point without it being lost in the “fight”.
  • If after reading a post a few times you just can’t believe someone would say that, but think that questioning it in public might lead to bad feelings or might make you feel silly if you misunderstood something, you may want to write the original poster directly (and in a very friendly tone!) to see if you misunderstood.
  • Personal drama does not belong in public/professional forums/groups/blogs. By bringing personal drama into those places you decrease the respect others have for you.
  • Don’t post anything you would not want your mother/grandmother/boss/future boss to see on any electronic medium even if you think you’ve locked it between yourself and the one person you are sending it to.
Copyright 2012 Tasha Turner Coaching

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Timber Varden Teaser - The Prologue

The rays of the rising summer sun glistened through the half opened blinds of the window in the study. The window was open, but there was no breeze to cool the air and yet, even with a fan churning on the highest setting, sweat still poured from Christian’s forehead. Christian was slumped over his desk as he looked with despair to the blank screen before him, and then glanced to calendar on the wall. Circled in red pen was the 15th of July, and underneath it, written in capital letters were the words DEADLINE DAY.

Instead of being inspired, Christian was stressed, almost depressed, in fact it was clear to say he was on the verge of panic. He’d had months to get the novel written that’s now due only a week away and with all the time he’s had, he hadn’t written a single word. No pen stroke to paper, no key stroke typed.

Christian was suffering with a severe case of writers block at the most inconvenient of times. Eric, his publisher had already phoned on several occasions to check up on his progress. Each time he did, Christian would tell him it was coming along nicely and would be ready in time. He couldn’t help but give Eric the response he had been looking for, even if it meant he wasn’t being honest with him. He kept hoping a fire would ignite below his fingertips to send them racing across the keys of his computer. Or that one morning he would wake up with his hand racing across the pages that he lived for. But it never came, and each day when there was nothing in him to write, Christian became more withdrawn and sank deeper within himself with no obvious way to rise up from it.

Tensions were starting to build between himself and his long term partner Amelia. She had always been there to push him and give him the encouragement and support he needed to get through any blockage in his writing. But this time it was different. There was nothing Amelia could say to him to spur the inspiration in him to get him writing again, and today wasn’t going to change that.

Eleven am on the dot, Amelia entered the study, bringing with her a mug of coffee for Christian. It’s what she knew he always turned to when writing, or at least trying to write. At the sound of the door opening, Christian quickly minimized the program he had open and opened another in its place. He wanted to make it look as though he had been busy. He then swung round on his leather computer chair just as Amelia had closed the door behind her.

Christian’s eyes had caught hold of the slender curves of her legs, how to him they seemed utter perfection, how her skin dipped perfectly behind her knees. Amelia didn’t often wear skirts when she wasn’t working, but today she had chosen to wear just that. It only emphasised the slender length, all 5’5 of her, and perfect form which she carried so well. He then slowly followed her outline upwards as he tried not to make it so obvious to her, as to what he was doing. Christian loved everything about her, from her almost azure blue eyes, to her dark brown hair which she often tied back, but today she had left it loose. He loved the way her smile seemed to lift everything about her, the way her lip curved upwards when she was in a humorous mood. There was nothing about her that he didn’t like. To him, every single part of her was complete perfection and it didn’t matter how many times she would dispute that with him, in his eyes she was a goddess.

Christian couldn’t help but look her up and down, like he always did. It had become such a ritual to him every time she entered, that it was second nature to him. He was doing it without thinking about it.

Amelia walked over towards him, carrying his coffee as her cheeks turned rouge in embarrassment. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything as she passed the coffee to Christian.

Without hesitation Christian thanked her then turned back towards his screen. He had expected Amelia to leave like she usually did, but she didn’t. Instead of leaving, she had quietly moved behind him. She placed her right hand on his shoulder before leaning over, and then wrapped her left arm over his other shoulder towards her right hand. She then leaned in a little further and gave him a light kiss on his cheek, before he moved his head and returned the kiss to her, but with passion.

Amelia allowed her right hand to fall and reach for the mouse without Christian’s knowledge. She then brought back up the word program he had sitting open. Christian tried to stop her, but it was all too late. Amelia had already noticed there wasn’t a single word upon the open page on the screen. She could feel Christian becoming deflated on the seat in front of her. She knew he was disappointed, she was too and it hurt. Every time she had asked him about it, he would give a glowing report which would include small sections recalled from memory, from what he had supposedly written. And now to see nothing there, she didn’t know what to think. She recoiled back like snake from his chair and sat herself down on the window box.

Silence filled the room like death had befallen then. Not a sound uttered from either of them for what seemed like eternity. Amelia couldn’t handle it anymore. She had to say what was on her mind.

“Chris, please tell me that’s not your expected novel sitting empty there. After all these months of you sitting in here, have you not written a word to your novel, which is due a week today?” Amelia spoke with great sadness in her voice, but there was also anger. She was angry that he had lied to her like he had lied to Eric. She knew to expect him to tell small white lies to Eric, but never once had he lied to her. She was starting to wonder, what if anything else he had lied about.

“Ami, love, I…” Christian struggled to find the words to answer her. He could feel everything falling away from him, slipping down the plug hole never to be seen again.

“Don’t Ami love me Chris, I want honest answers,” she began. “Is that page the result of months of work?” Amelia couldn’t look him in the eyes. Inside she was raging by the fact that he couldn’t be honest with her, that he couldn’t just come to her and tell her he was struggling. All he needed to do was ask and she would have been there for him.

“Ami, it’s not that simple.”

“Don’t give me that, Chris. I deserve a better answer than that,” she fumed.

“What do you want from me, Ami?” he shouted in frustration.

“I want to know the truth. Is that, or is that not the book you’re meant to be working on?”

Sighing, Christian dropped his head. “Yes,” he answered, giving in to her demands.

“Yes? Yes… is that all you’re going to say?” she countered. “Don’t you have an explanation as to why you’ve written nothing, or why you couldn’t tell me the truth from the start?”

“What do you want?” responded Christian without a moment’s thought. “Look, you don’t understand what it’s like.”

“Well tell me then!” demanded Amelia.

“I can’t…” he paused, sorrow filling his voice, “… I can’t just go and whip a story up from mid-air when there’s nothing to grasp at. I need foundations and space to work with. Stop crowding me Ami, and stop pushing please. I can’t give an explanation to you when I can’t explain it to myself, and just supposing I could, how on this earth could you have possibly helped?”

With temperatures rising from both Christian and Amelia, the room around them was growing dark in contrast to the sun streaming in. It was as if there was nothing else in the room, with the walls closing in around them, pushing all the air out, boxing them both into the smallest space possible, as if they were left to fight for that last gasp of fresh air.

“I can’t keep focused with your constant interruptions, Ami. You of all people should know that.”

“I… I thought we were partners Christian, in it together no matter what,” tears welled as she spoke out. “Perhaps our relationship doesn’t mean as much to you as it does to me. In fact, it’s obvious it doesn’t. Oh and pray tell me what interruptions, Christian? You’re mid-morning coffee refills?” she asked, but didn’t stop to let him answer. “Fine, I’ll stop bringing them through to you and you can interrupt yourself to go get your own if that’s how you want it to be!” Amelia’s hands flew all over the place in a fit of rage as she shouted at Christian, holding back the tears.

This wasn’t the first time they had argued, but the disagreements were becoming more frequent as of late. There was always a trigger that would set Christian off on one, but this time it was Amelia that had started it, and she was determined to finish it.

“I’m done playing games with you Christian. I’m tired of arguing with you. You and I, we have something, but if things don’t change, there won’t be any you and I for much longer,” stated Amelia as the first drops of tears were released.

“And how do you think I’m feeling right now?” asked Christian, his heart now heavy. “Do you not think for one moment that I might be feeling just as bad? It’s my neck on the line here, it’s my deadline that’s due with nothing to show for it. You shouting at me won’t help with anything. I mean it’s not exactly encouragement Amelia, for Christ’s sake. Just give me some space, some peace and quiet. That’s all I’m asking for right now. Some time to clear my head and get some work done.”

“Space…?” She retorted. “Is that what you want? Fine, I’ll give you some space!” shouted Amelia as she promptly left the room, slamming the door shut behind her. “Oh, and you know what? Don’t expect me home for dinner, and I’ll be sleeping in the spare room tonight,” she continued to shout as she stormed off, her voice fading into the background.

Another door slams in the house as Christian turns back towards the computer. He rests his elbows upon the desk and buries his head deep in his hands, with his fingers wrapping round his rugged black hair. A silent tear falls from his eyes and lands upon the open planner, blurring the words written on the page.

Silence surrounds him once more as he dares not move for making noise. The only movement he makes, is shy and steady as he lowers his left arm, placing it on the desk. It just touches the top of his planner and no more as he re-reads what he written within it. Another silent tear falls as he realises his argument was petty and could have been handled better than it had been, but he left it as it was, hoping that some time to calm down would be what’s best for them both.

He was now too angry with himself to write anything. Instead he rose from his chair and sat on the floor in the middle of the room, only to lie flat on his back with his arms under his head. Trying all he was taught, to calm his nerves and steady his breathing. Try as he might to find some peaceful sanctuary, it wasn’t working. He could hear Amelia still storming about the house, doing the best she could to make as much noise as possible to wind him up even further. He battled in vain to block it all out and slowly he began to win that battle. More silent tears fell from his eyes as he slowly fell asleep, there on the floor.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Writing - Natural or not?

The biggest question in the book... well second only to - How do you get past the blocks?... That one however is for another day.

So let's get back to this post. My question is - Does writing come naturally to you, or do you find you have to work to get somewhere with it?

First of, before I answer this, let me tell you where the question arose from. Those that follow me here, may also be regular posters in certain groups on Facebook. I had been looking in one of these groups the other day, with friends I've made from my first year attempt at NaNoWriMo. Any way, from that group a question was posted, and it's the question you see here. To question our own beliefs and how it works for ourselves, in my opinion, creates a better understanding of what it is that we writers undertake.

So - Natural or not?

For many years I appreciated the world of words, the pictures they painted, the tears, the love, and the heartbreak. But never once in that time period did I ever consider myself to be a writer, nor did I even consider it as a possible choice in life. You see, I really disliked english in school. It was far too... formal, and felt very restricted. I didn't see how we could learn to be creative, when we had to stick to what set. There was no room to breath, no passion to inspire us. It's all fair and well, reading the age old classics, or newer releases and then have us explore the book and review them, and then change topic or subject matter so quickly. Even during the exams, there wasn't much room to show creativity, instead we had to base our work on what had been taught.

What ever happened to originality and allowing us to explore our own minds and working with us from there? ... I guess those that taught us, or those that set out those teaching plans, considered it best we learn those values and be forced to learn what was dictated.

You see, this is where I have problems. This is the reason it has taken me so long to pick up a pen and explore the creativity in the mind. This is where it has taken so long to re-awaken the imagination that once thrived as a child, left dormant through regulations.

I started small with a poem here and another there. For three years I flowed with poems, but then it didn't feel enough, I wanted to further but with what, I didn't know at the time. Then after the passing of a dear friend of mine, one whom I had never met person but knew online for a good three years, it made me think about what I wanted. And knowing that she loved the story that was being written, has enouraged me to keep on writing. To allow the mind the freedom to explore every known nook and cranny, oh and the unknown ones waiting to be found.

So does it seem natural or hard for me to write?

Well I certainly feel it's a mixture of both for myself. Some days it seems as natural to write as it is to walk, to breath and to live. Other days it's almost like your trying to bring down a ten story wall with only a needle as your tool in which to do so. One minute those words we live for, will flow like a river that's flooded its banks and the next, they'll be as dry as the Sahara Desert, where days, weeks, or even months could pass without any inspiration to write.

I know I haven't been writing as long as others, but some take time to see that it's a path they should be following and I feel now that it could be path for me. Writing however, I find therapeutic if anything else in life.

It may not be the most creative, or detailed of writers out there. Heck, I may not even have original thoughts on where to go with it all, but isn't that all part of the fun? Isn't it part of the long lived passion that burns through a writers veins?

What ever the answer may be, I know that for this writer, the love of writing, or reading, runs deep through my soul. There may come a time where I may say, enough is enough and I'm done. But then again there may come a time where my dreams come true and that my writing has stepped up a gear.... Okay so I'm dreaming, we're allowed to dream.

But now I ask you, the very same question as posted here within this blog.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Review of Annie's Trail.

Okay, I'm holding my hands up here in nerves. I posted my first ever review last night on Amazon for the book Annie's Trail, which is written by Aunt T Pathfinder. But right now, right here, I want to take you further.

When I began reading this book, one thing captured me straight away - Will you help me, or hinder me? ... The question asked within the prologue, the very same question that had me intrigued and yearning for more.

That very question had me wondering as to what it would point to, what would be that might be deemed a hinderance. It's from here my love of this book stems deep into it's pages.

Annie's Trail is named after the Main Character in the book, Annie Pierson. It's the story of her journey, her sorrow, her love, and more so her willingness to help, no matter who needed it, she would be there.
The book begins years before the main setting, with the birth of a child. A child, of which Vardes, the planet, knew would be needed in time. But another was involved, neither souls had ever met, but all that was about to change.

Annie, feeling uneasy in her surroundings, removes herself from the hectic household of her family, a walk is what she deemed the best course of action. One that would see Annie, change the course of her future forever, and one that put both her and her family's safety at risk. The cause? A two hundred year old train wreck that would run through the fatefull day tragedy struck, where everyone on board, perished. It was here, Annie, healed the lost and trapped souls, sending them into the light to be with those who waited so long for them.

Her course of action, from that day, saw Annie leave the only home she had ever known, in flight from the preists who sought to find the healer of that train wreck. It was also here that she learned of her family heritage, that her bloodline, directly descended from Millie Cheavers. The very person who discovered Vardes.

In her Journey, Annie does all that she can to heal those indeed, to cleanse the spirits of old, and clear the curses from the land and all affected by it. But she travels not alone, a crow and a merecat become her compainions through different stages of her journey. And as she travels she makes friends with the Gypsies and goes on to find love. Her soul mate, Michael arrives right when he is needed, and Annie learns just how long he had actually been around her.

This book is filled with shifters, gypsies, surprises, shocks, tears, love and laughter within these pages. Oh, and there's so much more that only your eyes will uncover.

Annie's trail had me captivated from start to finish, I loved every moment. The deeper I delved, the more I wanted, the more I still want. If ever a sequal arose from this book, then I assure I would be one of the first to buy it.

Will you open your heart to a tale based both in fantasy and reality?
Rating 5/5!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Koda Post 4

This weeks Koda Post is something a little different to what we've shared with you in the past, so hold on to your seats as your in for a ride.

Hippity Hop, Where to Stop?

I have a problem with my writing. I didn’t realize I’d had this problem until yesterday, when I began thinking about a new story involving a character I’d created over a year ago, and have had on my mind ever since.

You see, the character was created for an online role play, and he’s 11. So is his girlfriend, who is a very sweet girl for someone who wants to perform dark magic. Yes, she’s a witch, and my character, Kerry, is a budding wizard, and I have a supportive Muse who wants me to write their story.

I’ve never thought about doing Young Adult before. Sure, it’s sort of fantasy, and I’ve already decided to place their story in a universe I created for last year’s NaNoWriMo. So where is the problem?

It comes from wondering, “Am I getting into a genre that I have no business being in? Because, I’m already in like three—“
When you examine the works of authors, you tend to notice that they don’t stray from their comfort zone very often. While Theodor Geisel did, at one point, write some nifty propaganda during World War II, his real claim to fame was children’s books. Stephen King tends to stick to horror and mainstream drama. James Elroy is into his own brand of straight-up mysteries and political thrillers.

But where do I place myself?

I’ve a self published modern-day horror story, and I’m working on another. I’ve also finished a science fiction trilogy, as well as written another story in that same universe. And, my NaNo Novel, it’s pretty much a combination of science fiction and fantasy—though with magic, vampires, and a demoness in the mix, it’s really more paranormal fantasy than science fiction.

Is it wrong to flop all over the place, trying different genres like this?

No, I don’t think so . . .

I’m a firm believer in two things. One, your story should be as long as is needed to tell your story. If three thousand words does the trick, so be it. If you need thirty-five thousand, it’s what you want to do, right? Don’t cut it, or lengthen it unnecessary, to get your story told. The writer controls the tale, not the other way around. (I know, some of you are saying, “My characters control my story!” Right. And fairies with gossamer wings bring me my ideas. You are the ruler of your universe; slap those characters around and show them how to act!)

And the second thing I believe: if you have a tale to tell, does the genre really matter as long as you get your story told?
When it comes right down to it, stories are drama. Yes, you can write comedy, but that’s definitely not me; I am not a funny person. But regardless if it’s horror, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, or mystery, it’s still, at the core, drama. And that’s what you go for. You go for the drama, and add in the trappings of the world that is (enter name of your selected genre here).

I mean, what is Young Adult? A different kind of drama, that’s what. And while Annie and Kerry’s story may be a little harsh in places, YA had grown up considerably in the last two decades. I should go back further than that, because Edgar Pangborn’s “Davy”, and Robert C. O’Brien’s “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH”, and “Z for Zachariah”, were considered science fiction young adult from the 1960’s and 70’s, and they weren’t afraid to go places other YA novels of the time didn't.

The story calls to me, and if it needs to be written a certain way, in a certain genre, so be it. There’s nothing wrong, in fact, with being able to bridge other genres anyway.

I mean, we’re all writers . . . just write. It’ll all make sense in the end.

This weeks posting was brought to you by Raymond Frazee

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Koda Post 3

Welcome to this weeks Koda Post. For your enjoyment today we have a book review for you. So grab your Tea, your Coffee, a biscuit and relax.

The Keeper by Natalie Star

Review by Misty Harvey

This was my first introduction into YA books. I’d never taken an interest in them before. To say the least I started the book with apprehension. Here I am over thirty and I’m reading a YA book?! The fact that it was paranormal, which is one of my favorite genres, didn’t seem enough.

I started this book late at night figuring I’d get at least a hint of what I’d set myself up for in a few chapters before bed. I’m almost sure my family told me they were going to bed, but I was lost to reality. I was no longer Misty, mother of three, and house wife. I was transported to the writer’s world - the words the gateway in.

I awoke as Billie, a girl who fights against her boyish name by being extremely female. It’s my sixteenth birthday and my entire world is about to change forever. My life purpose has me wanting to run from it all, but it’s up to me to be The Keeper.

This book kept my attention long into the wee hours of the morning. I cried, I laughed, and I loved as Billie. If you have not purchased this book I highly recommend it. Just be warned to save a lot of time to read it, you won’t want to put it down. I now wait eagerly for the follow up book.

To find Natlie's Author page on Facebook please scroll back up and click on her name.

The same goes for Misty Harvey, from there you will find out what's coming next for both these wonderful Authors.

Until next time, may you find the book that captures your heart.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Exciting Times Ahead

That's right, keep your eyes peeled for what's to come. Perhaps not with myself nor my work but then who really can tell what lies ahead when you put your best foot forward. Some exciting things are planned for the near future. But I'm not telling what or when they will happen, that is for me to know and you to keep watch for.

After the long awaited Koda Conference, which I might add was absolutely fantastic, I have been looking more towards my Target Market, the Audience in which my books are being written for and let me tell you this, it is certainly not an easy task to take on board. However some progress has been made and it has it's benefits.

I don't just write in one genre, it seems to cover a few but they predominately feature along the same theme but also differ and so I find it hard to label them. Which makes it even harder to categorize them. But then we all learn to cope and with wonderful friends, it makes it all the more worth while to power through those barriers and see to it that we do what needs to be done.

Oh and one more thing. Timber Varden finally has the covers that it truly deserves. I shall post them later on to please keep watch for them and let me know what you think of them.

Until then my friends, happy writing and happy reading. May the words continue to capture hearts a plenty.