Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Why I Write

This could take some thinking through as I type the words that flow within my mind. I have sat and asked myself right now... Why do I write?

Straight away the answer is simple and plain... Because I want to and couldn't care less what someone else wants to say about anything that I write or have written..It will come down to you're opinion over mine and I welcome everyone's. I don't and choose not to write for the David vs Goliath moments in which I've seen on so many occasions where people try and out do each other, to compete for more comments.

I write because I love the way in which words can come together and create pictures and feelings within our minds and bodies. Where we are free to express what is on our minds without the hassle of everything else getting in the way.

As I say

The words in which we write fill not only our hearts and minds, but fills the voids of others to ease and help the way, our words are mere fragments of what makes us be and with appreciation said or unsaid we will for ever be and if I can touch just one persons heart without ever holding it then I have fulfilled my dream :)

I still stand by that and I find the written word to be a powerful thing. Whether it's from books, poems, or even newspapers, If your reading what someone else has written you are making a connection no matter how small. With words from a poem it becomes another level. Perhaps one that is deeper and one of true emotion both controlled and raw. When you read those words written you too can harness some of the emotion to which the writer was feeling at the time it was written.

If you were to look deeper behind the words in which many write you can unscramble them to see the deeper meaning and not just the obvious ones that hit the surface.

However what I really really don't like... Writers Block!!! It's horrible, vulgar all mean names under the sun... good thing it's night time here. I despair feeling at a loss when I want to write and there seems to be nothing. Where the page before me remains empty for yet another night whilst i sit and ponder the world going by.

Or there are the occasions where I have a snippet that seems half intelligent or looks to show some promise for a posting or a poem and then something comes up, someone gets in the way and the trail has gone cold. So much so that I often find myself at that moment trying to retrace my trail of those lost thoughts and words that have eluded the present grasp. They may or may not have been flowing words that would have been the next up and coming hot off the press headlines [ I can dream ] Unfortunately for me[ perhaps fortunate for you ] any trace of what was tends of have left. Flown away upon the gusts of wind that came forth and plucked them from the very caverns in my mind that keep them flowing like rivers to a waterfall flowing out to see.

I love how poems are paintings with words how as you read the picture unfolds much like how when you look longer at a painting more things come to you that you would never have noticed before. How when you read a book you see the images as they are described. How that adds to the magic before you.

Words can be so powerful used in the right context... your thoughts are always welcome


I need location without reason. Time without ticking, Space without distance. A factor in mind and a place to hold the flows of inspiration. That come randomly from the mind to what ever scrap piece of paper close to my person. Musings the mighty flows that weave there way in my direction stuttering to a halt from distraction.

Kept only for the reason that they came and perhaps one day something will come of them. If not then forever they shall be the musings that kept me off my knees. The little insights that flowed when nothing else seemed possible only for someone to come along and pluck that trail from before my very eye's could master.

The trail then did go cold but not before I could hold what was graciously given. From so many little tantalising snippets of words. Kept together perhaps in which some day they to can come alive and spring forth upon my written pages to dance there magic like every other word gone before it and as every word that comes after shall also do.

To burst out for no reason into riddle into rhyme. They come when they are needed when they are sought when answers come but not in ways that's plain to see. When questions are answered in ways that may only add to confusion until such a time that the eyes can see clearly into what was given.

Come then and dive into the pool of musings. Into the hand of gracious inspiration let your magic flow and paint your picture with the words in which you shall soon write..

Where then can you throw wood into the inspiration furnace than to dry the pool and start again..

What a load of dribble ha ha... anyway here's some musings that have come and gone cold to await the fire to spring them to life again......

"When the tears of the world stream down your face...You will at last know your place... When the sun rises in the east... Pray it puts to rest that way word beast... Pray for the earth so she may heal... Pray for yourself so that you may then feel... Feel her pain that she suffers this day..Help her to heal to be on her way...."..... and so the trail there ends ..... for now

"Tears shed not for forgotten memories or those who have parted but for the happy times that was once connected ..... within the haze of emotional flux shines from your heart and brightest star , where the light will always be bright....." cold again lol

" I saw her standing there... With a vacant stare.... Tears welling in her eye.... Then a deep and meaningful sigh... He was gone from that moment... She in such emotional torment...."

There are many more like the last few and so they remain in the folder hoping for one day the light shall shine upon them and make them dance

Challenge Set

There was a challenge set. To write a story or poem based on a word, that someone else had chosen. That person then left there word below what they had written and so the cycle continued. It's a great way to branch out and explore. I answered Twice... The strangest words in which I could have thought possible to focus anything about but I had a go lol... Branching out looking at other aspects..Not sure on the outcome... The words ...... 1 : Mutilation. 2 : Denial .. Here's what I wrote :s


How do I control my mind and save itself from such mutilation.
Where I become so cut up about the growing lack of concentration
Surely such mutilation could come in handy one day
Where I can then cut the words and file them away

Alas the dawn is coming and soon the light will shine
Will my mutilated mind revert back or shall I now resign
So when I turn the TV on what is there now to see
Mutilation of the land that once was ever Free

Dis-heartening to see such madness claim the hand of man
To mutilate the body of earth and treat it like a trash can
Oh how I wonder such things that tarnish my one controlled being
The mutilation of my thoughts every growing without seeing


As all the thoughts come rushing in
I can't be who others wish me to be
They tell me I'm in denial but I'm not giving in
They can do as they please and I'll be me

It's not me in denial but them if they can see
As I have no chains that smother me in any way
I'm not a follower of the crowd I am me and I am free
If only they could see their denial today

It would make things so much easier on us all
I won't have to hate the person I am because they do
I won't have to fight and shed the tears or stall
It's them in denial not me and that is true

All words above herein written by myself for me to branch out on the focus of the possibilities of one word inspirations. Fit therein only for the recycle bin lol

If anyone wants to have a go your word is ...Twice... first person to answer leaves another word as a subject.. second person takes that subject word... writes then leaves a subject word and so on.