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Jennifer spent many years without daring to lift a pen, without writing a word that wasn't forced. That was however, until the year 2008 arrived. It dawned the starting of a new age. An age where love and passion for writing arrived. She spent that year and the following 2, writing just over 250 poems. It was these that kick started her passion to take it further. When 2011 arrived, so too did the urge to expand her depth and level and her first novel was born. That novel is still on going.

Jennifer then went on to take part in NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month. This entails the participant to write a novel of at least 50k words. Those who in that month reached that goal and surpassed it were deemed to be winners of NaNoWriMo 2011.

Jennifer was one of those many winners that year. That event dawned the inspiration and the heart of what would be her second starting novel but her first completed first draft. And so Timber Varden was born from nothing but a whimsical on the wind, the editing process of this novel is under way and where it takes her, is where we shall have to see. Her current writing projects include completing the first draft of her first novel, it also includes a new series of books that she is currently working on as well.

Jennifer has also written a few shorter stories as part of expanding her writing base and genre. These currently vary from 800 words to around 3000 words. Keep an eye on the page here and you might just see them crop up from time to time.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rainbow Children

The following is a Short Story written for Becca Harris' writing challenge.

Rainbow Children - A flash fiction short story.

Georgia often recalled the stories her grandfather told her before he passed. The stories about the Rainbow Children rekindled the fire within her. They were always brought to mind whenever she spotted the stunning sight of a double rainbow, often seen after the rain had passed, just as it had been earlier in the day. As much as she adored them, she couldn’t be certain whether those stories were based on fact, or whether they were more fable than anything else. But that never distorted her bewilderment and adoration of them, and nothing thrilled her more than recalling from those stories once told to her. She would retell them, word for word perfect to those who would spare a moment to listen. Often it was the case where she would speak them when she was babysitting. The children she watched loved to listen as much as she did. Each tale told, would weave a magical essence within their minds. Each in return would then be held as the sole creation of new dreams that would spring from the pools they once remained.

Tonight was no different. Zach and Ellie had just clambered down the stairs, now ready for bed and eager for her to recall one of her favoured tales. Georgia knew that if she wanted them to do as they were told later in the evening, that she should relent and give them what they wanted. They were good kids after all and she never had any hassle from them.

“I’ll tell you a story… if you promise to go to bed when it’s time.” Georgia stated before either of them could get a word out.

“Cross our hearts,” they replied.

“Okay good. Well get comfortable and I’ll think of just the right one for you two.” She added.
Without hesitation they jumped up onto the sofa and waited for Georgia to begin. When she was sure that they were settled and ready to listen, she was able to begin the story that filled her heart the most.

“On lands now distant to this world, a double rainbow spanned across the sky. It stretched over the tallest of mountains. It’s rumoured that upon that day, a child was born. This child, a girl, was born of prophecy and with the gift of foresight herself. It is said that the days aged and she with it, that it had become apparent that there was more to her than anyone could have ever foretold. Even the greatest seer’s, could not foretell her profound ability. She had become known as The Star Walker. She would speak of memories from places unheard of, untouched and unseen. She knew answers to questions way beyond her years and when danger would be upon her people. To which she would also have a direct course of action to protect them. At the age of 5, she had people come to her, asking her for guidance. They came from all over looking, for answers and blessings.” Georgia paused a moment to catch her breath before she continued.

“What puzzled her people more was her ability to communicate with animals. It didn’t matter whether they were known to the people, or whether they came from the heart of the wild. She feared not one of them and always made time to see to their needs where possible, even if it meant tending to open wounds. It never fazed her, nor was she shown how to do what she did. She knew, deep down inside her, she knew all that she needed to know.” Georgia could hear the sighs of amazement slipping past the lips of Zach and Ellie. Just hearing them made her smile inwards. A sense of pride now filled her as she continued once more.

“She grew to be a very formidable force within her settlement. That no foe would dare try anything when they knew that she was there to stop any threat. Her people could live in peace once and for all. And it is told, that when her calling came, heavy rain fell from the heavens for days on end. When it finally stopped, a double rainbow spanned across the sky once more, the first double rainbow sighting since the birth and the death of the Star Walker. So rare that it was, that it was held highly in the hearts of her nation, and on that day another child was born where the rainbow touched the ground. This child, a boy, would become leader of the second coming. Just like girl, he was wise beyond his years, and so his people lived in peace for many years.”

“What could he do?” Zach asked.

“Well that’s another story, now off to bed.”


“No buts… a promise is a promise. Goodnight.”

© Jennifer Don 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

Wilderness - A Flash Fiction Short Story

The following is a Short Story written for Becca Harris' writing challenge.

Wilderness - A Flash Fiction Short Story.

Richard woke from his short pain filled attempt of sleep, shivering in the harshness of the oncoming winter. His shattered right leg the real cause of such sharp pain, it kept him from sleeping longer than an hour or two at most. His thoughts returned continuously to whether anyone would know where to find him or where to begin to look for him. Of all the times he left notes of where he was going, this wasn’t one of them and he was now kicking himself for not doing so. He was thankful however, for always having a full pack with him where ever he went with the essentials that he might need, which always included extra food rations for emergencies.

As the last remains of the fading sun filtered through the heavy canopy, Richard shifted his weight and struggled to manoeuvre himself into a position in which it was easier to light a fire with. Not only would it provide him with a stable heat source, but it would also become his own mini cooker in which to provide himself with something hot to eat.

But despite being hungry, there was only so much he could eat through the clenched teeth of agony. He tried extremely hard to keep his leg still, but the cold closing in around him only intensified the pain. So much so that he started to drift in and out of consciousness. He soon struggled to differentiate between his reality and the hallucinations that danced before him. One minute he was basking in the sweltering heat of the desert sun, the next he was in the middle of a blizzard with snow drifts forming all around him. The cold, like an icy death grip, reached out towards him as he tried in vain to escape its reach, not even the heat of the fire could shake this one from him as it threatened to come closer. Fear filled his eyes as he fought as hard as he could to block out the pain as he shuffled further back until he could go back no more, a tree rooted deep prevented that. But as his back landed against the rough cold bark of the tree, the blizzard vanished into the deep setting darkness of night. In its place however arose a pair of glowing cat like amber eyes, just off the now frosty path. Once more he could feel the cold air reaching out towards him as he froze solid at the startling sight.

As he watched with no hope of escape, the glowing eyes had formed dark slits in place of pupils. Twice they blinked before him and then somehow they seemed to almost lunge towards him before stopping. Still they remained just off the path, in the shadows where the dark night held fast. There was no way Richard could tell what was now in front of him without moving, his mind flashing between it being reality, and imagination. His heart hammering against his chest as fear coursed through his veins like a river of a fire. Sounds of the forest had all but left him to fear the eyes alone, until the shrill screech of an owl filtered through the air, sending nothing but cold chills rippling over the surface of his skin.

Richard’s eyes shifted from those in front of him and searched for the source of the screech to no avail, he was all but blind in the dark of the forest now. Not even the stars could be seen below the thick overhead canopy. The fire in front of him only hindered his eyes from adjusting to his surroundings, and made him feel even more disorientated than he already was. Suddenly the sound of snapping twigs had him turning sharply back towards the frosty path. No longer were the glowing cat like eyes present from the shadows, he couldn’t see them no matter how many times he scanned the surround area. Relief washed over him in waves, each passing one bringing his heart down to a more reasonable pace until another sound of snapping twigs caused it to quicken once more.

“Death by heart failure, one man lost in the wilderness, a fool that’s all I am, unable to return home because of some blasted ice on the path. What a way to go.” Richard uttered quietly to himself as he watched the frosty path intently. His hand searching the ground around him for anything he could use a means of defence if the need arose.

Just then a voice could be heard before the outline of a man came into sight.

“Richard is that you?”


“That’s right Richard.”

“Oh thank god, I thought I’d be left to perish out here.”

“Not a chance mate. Let’s get you home.”

© Jennifer Don 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Canyon Of Dreams - Short Story

The following is a Short Story written for Becca Harris' writing challenge.

It's the first time that I've ever attempted to write something as short as the restrictions for this challenge but I do feel that it seemed to work out reasonably well.

Canyon Of Dreams

“Imagine a world so clear in the dark of night. Where many voids are vacant and scarce, where dreams come alive and welcome your participation. Where each dream, stems from the very same source, known to you and I perhaps, as the Canyon of Dreams. And where each wandering starlight soul enters upon the wings of adventure, ready to journey into the heart of the canyon and all it may hold. The dreamer’s world is a place of possibility and hope.” Enoch explained, his audience captivated by every word. As if each word spoken aloud were caressed in a magical spell drawing you ever deeper, and left wanting more. He could feel the anticipation oozing from them, as they divulged the information and waited with bated breath for what may come next.

“In the Canyon of Dreams, reality becomes hard to define, but in the waking world we soon forget our journey in the Canyon.” Enoch added with a wry smile as he gazed over his audience once more.

“In this Canyon… can we go anywhere we want to?” Ben asked with a twinkle in his amber eyes.

“Anywhere that your dream takes you is possible, however only a few have found ways to control their journey in the canyon.”

“Can you… I mean are you able to control your own?” Jessie asked from near the back.

“Sometimes, although I think it depends on how aware you are of when your dreaming or not.” Enoch replied as he looked directly towards her. He loved sharing his wisdom and experiences with the younger generations, such as he was doing now. He knew they would appreciate his words better than anyone else.

“Can you tell us what this Canyon looks like so that we might recognise it ourselves, that is if we become aware that we are dreaming as you said?” Ben asked again.

“Well… in my understanding this Canyon is different for everyone. For me however, I experience the depth that any canyon has to offer. Imagine The Grand Canyon, and then fill the barren landscape with grass and trees. Add to that, all the colours of the rainbow and then some. Add anything your imagination could possibly create from nowhere and have it appear in the canyon. There are many doorways to delve into, many journey’s to travel. I’ve heard the canyon be likened to that of meadows and streets. It really does depend on your own mind though.” Enoch stopped as everyone gasped in awe at once. He knew then that what he was doing was right.

“Would you be willing to share one, or some of your dreams from the Canyon?”

“Oh you got me there. Okay let me see what I remember.” Enoch responded.
The room burst into a chorus of giggles as Enoch answered. Then silence dawned once more as their eyes lit up in anticipation.

“Okay, I think I have found the right one to inspire you all… hopefully.” Enoch added to break the silence.

He then proceeded to wait a moment longer as he looked upon each tender face as they waited in earnest to hear one of his own dreams from the Canyon.

“What I’m going to tell you next, is the one I remember the clearest and you’ll not find this written anywhere. One night, after a lengthy day I succumbed to the soothing call of destined sleep. And so I ventured forth to take my calling journey into the heart of the Canyon. Once there I didn’t need to venture any further, for a man as old at time stood waiting for me. A man as wise as the ancient stars that litter our night-time skies, he called me forward and showed me everything that I needed to know, and told me that I would remember all of it when the right time became apparent. He ventured this dream not alone, for by his side stood the elegance of the wildness. There with him was a wolf so grand in stature and gentle in nature that I feared him not. It was then that he told me the following. ‘Let the dreamer dream and the singer sing and allow the dreamer to sing and the singer to dream. For in the canyon all is possible, and that’s all that matters….’”

“So when you sleep tonight and find yourself in the Canyon, you’ll journey to the ends of the earth and beyond. You’ll walk the stars and new dreams will be born. So when you wake, and you remember the dream don’t just discard it. You may be young but your dreams are born from dreams so don’t let them die or simply fade into the ending night.” Enoch uttered with a smile, as they grasped every word.

©Jennifer Don 2012

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Forgotten Miracle

Caleb walked, head bowed with the collar of his jacket pulled upwards as the rain lashed down, nipping at his skin, but that didn’t prevent him from stopping at the old rustic iron cast gates of the orphanage. He listened as the rain bounced off the windows of the old Victorian building, which filled him with dread every time he stood and looked at it.

He hovered by the gates as he looked up to the steel bars on the outside of the windows. They reminded Caleb of a prison, which to him seem an adequate description for this place. As he felt there was no escape and so a prison it had become. He looked up further towards the old gargoyle statues that loomed over with grim expressions; the very sight of them seemed to send a shiver down his spine.

The door of the orphanage suddenly creaked open.

“Where have you been?” Demanded Madam Palfrey, as she stood in the door way with a look of disapproval etched across her face.

Caleb couldn’t answer, Madam Palfrey frightened him. She had done since he arrived.

“Well don’t just stand there boy, get inside.” She ordered as she stepped to the side to let him in.
Caleb didn’t need to be told twice, he walked with haste, almost running into what he had called the home that wasn’t. Inside he quickly shuffled out of his drenched jacket and hung it on the stand.

“You’re late Caleb. All the other boys arrived back from school a while ago. So tell me, where have you been?” Madam Palfrey asked once again.

Unable to answer her question, he lowered his head and shuffled his feet. Water ran down his face from his drenched hair before hitting the floor.

“Well answer me, you insubordinate child.” She raised her hand as if to slap him while she demanded an answer. Caleb braced himself for the hand to fall, his eyes screwed shut in anticipation, but the contact never arrived.

Madam Palfrey grunted in disgust at his silence. “Get up those stairs and out of my sight, I’ll teach you to keep your silence.” She shouted.

Her voice crackled as she shouted, sending another wave of fear through Caleb’s body. Despite flinching, Caleb didn’t move his eyes now wide with fear.

“MOVE IT.” She yelled as loud as she could.

Caleb snapped round on his heels and sprinted up stairs to the room he shared with 4 other boys of his age. Once there he sat himself down upon his bed and stared out from the windows of his hell to the pedestrians down below, watching as they dashed from one shelter to the next, each one laden with bags that contained gifts for Christmas.

Seeing them dashing around only reminded him of his parents who died in a car crash almost two years to the day. The road that night had been covered in snow and ice, his parent’s car skidded, spinning out of control and ploughed head on into a tree. He could no longer hold back his burning hot tears as they fell from his memory. He was only 7 when it happened; he could still hear his mother’s scream from that night.

Nothing could console him now as tears fell rapidly. He ignored the shouts for dinner; instead he opted to remain where he was. He buried his head into his pillow as he tried to remember what his parents looked like or sounded like but he struggled and that only filled him with more tears.

Caleb couldn’t stop them, nor did he want anyone to see him like this, such was the need to cry that he ended up crying himself to sleep.

Caleb later awoke in a coughing fit. With his throat dry, he slid out of bed and crept towards the door trying not to disturb the other boy’s now sound sleep in the room. He used the dull light from under the door as his guide to where it stood, and once there he opened it with caution. If he was caught out of bed at this hour, he would be trouble and with this in his mind Caleb tentatively looked out into the hallway, only to be cast backwards as heat filtered up the stairs shrouded in black, thick smoke. There was only one thing that could give off such heat, and that terrified him more than Madam Palfrey did, but instinct over ruled the fear within him. He could hear the sharp crackles from downstairs as he made is away around the room waking the other boys up, telling them that there was a fire and that they needed to get out.

He could barely see his hand before his face as the smoke hung heavier now, but despite his visual impairment, he found the fire alarm and didn’t hesitate in breaking the glass. A sharp pitch then sounded around them. He could hear Madam Palfrey shouting in the distance, demanding to know who set the alarm off. She only stopped when she opened her door and witnessed for herself the smoke that now began to fill each room.

One by one the other doors opened to reveal shocked expressions. Caleb couldn’t move, fear started to take control as Madam Palfrey thundered her way towards him, casting a stern look in his direction before ordering the boys to follow her down the stairs and out of the building. She took hold of Caleb’s arm and dragged him down the stairs with her. Despite her age, she was still strong and no matter how he struggled he could not release her grip.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Caleb’s eyes burned with the heat. They crouched down low and pressed themselves against the wall, using it as a guide until they were all out of burning building.

Across from the orphanage, Holly Mathews had awoken from the chaotic noise coming from outside. She wriggled out from under her covers then headed to the window. She watched in horror as yellow and orange flames spat out from the front window, her eyes darted towards the boys as they backed up against the iron fencing. She then ran through to her parent’s room desperately trying to wake her mum up.

“Mummy wake up… mummy. There’s a fire…”

“A fire… where?” With that Holly’s mum awoke sharply from her sleep.

“Across from us mummy, the boys…” Was about all Holly could say before darting back to her room, her mum followed her.

“See mummy…. There…” she pointed, showing her mum where the fire was.

“I see darling.” Her mum replied as she picked her up before putting her back to bed. “It’s being dealt with honey, now back to sleep you have school in the morning. Goodnight sweet heart.”

“Night mummy,” Holly replied as she rolled on to her side and quickly fell back to sleep.

The following morning revealed the extent of the fire. Fortunately it was confined to one room. But at the same time it had destroyed the very heart of Christmas for Caleb and the boys. The tree and presents had been destroyed. It only confirmed Caleb’s initial thoughts, that he was in fact a prisoner in hell. There would be no Christmas now for him, or the other boys. Consumed in his thoughts, Caleb he didn’t hear Madam Palfrey approaching until she stood behind him.

“Shouldn’t you be off to school Caleb?” She asked in a firm tone which startled Caleb.

“Y… yes Madam Palfrey.”

“Well, what are you doing standing here. Off with you.” She said quickly.
Caleb didn’t hesitate. He sprinted out the door and made his way to school. When he arrived, he almost ran into a small blonde haired girl, who had turned towards him and smiled weakly at him.

“You’re from across the road, from the boy’s home aren’t you?” She asked.

Caleb raised one eye brow in curiosity. No-one had ever asked him a direct question out with school or the orphanage since his parents had passed away.

“I am, and who might you be?”

“I’m Holly. Holly Mathews. I live across from you. I saw what happened last night.” Holly replied. “Wasn’t there a tree in that room?”

Caleb hung his head as he spoke. “There used be, and gifts. But there isn’t any more.”

“What no more presents? How will you celebrate Christmas then?” Holly asked.

“We won’t be. There is no Christmas any more for us.” Caleb answered solemnly.

The bell rang out before Holly could ask Caleb any more questions. For once Caleb was thankful for that bell, he didn’t know how he would cope with more questions towards an already tender subject.

The day passed by in a daze, he couldn’t focus on anything but the memory of his parent’s.
When the bell finally rang to sound the end of the day, Caleb rushed up and out of the building only to have Holly step in his way as he neared the gates.

“Are you stalking me now or something?” He asked.

“No.” She replied abruptly almost stomping her foot on the ground, the very motion of which made Caleb stop dead in his tracks.

“What do you want then?” Caleb asked.

“I… I…” Holly stammered. She didn’t quite know herself what it was that she wanted to say.
“How old are you?” She blurted out. It wasn’t what she had wanted to ask but it was all that had come to her when challenged her.

“I’m 9. Not that it matters and you?” He asked back.

“I’m 5.” She smiled, her mother then called her before she could continue.

“Nice to meet you Caleb, but I have to go now.” She added before running off.
Caleb watched as Holly ran into her mother’s arms. She then pointed towards him as she whispered something in her mother’s ear.

On his way back to the orphanage, Caleb had stopped to read the headlines on one of the papers outside the local shop. Fire Ruins Christmas – it read. Seeing it in black and white only made it more real to him than it had been. He tried not to think about it as he looked at the date, tomorrow would be Christmas Eve, a day that should have been filled with joy and excitement, with eagerness and anticipation. But Caleb knew that it wouldn’t be that way for him, or the other boys in the orphanage. They had nothing to look forward to, no place to truly call home. No presents to cherish and worst of all, no one to truly call family.

With his thoughts turning back to his memories of old he lowered his head and hunched his shoulders, before he dug his hands deep into his pockets as he walked back, stopping only to kick the odd stone or two on the way.

Caleb arrived back in time as grief began to overwhelm him. The memory of his parents, their love, their voices, something he’d never experience ever again, consumed him. So much so that he headed upstairs to be alone with his thoughts.

The only time he went downstairs that night was for dinner, which he rushed only to return to his bed, so that he spent as little time with anyone as he could, which was near impossible considering the fire destroyed one of the main rooms in the building and that they had other option but to stay there. No-one wanted them, not even the council could find them somewhere else for the night.

Caleb and the other boys spent the following morning cleaning up what they could of the front room. He had chosen to work on his own, his thoughts still upon his parents, they’re anniversary was just around the corner, which made Christmas even harder for him to deal with. But no-one ever seemed to understand his need to be alone at this time of the year, and no-one knew how much he hurt. After lunch they set about scrubbing the walls, at least this way it returned to something more inhabitable despite the obvious damage which they couldn’t fix.
By the end of the night Caleb was exhausted, opting once more to have an early night.

Caleb awoke the following morning to the sounds of singing and commotion. He jumped out of bed, his first impulse was to look out the window, and when he did he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He noticed that Holly was standing at the gate, with parcels in her hand, singing as loudly as she could. Others surrounded her, like holly they held items in their arms too as they sung with her. He pried himself away from the window and ran down the stairs as fast as he could, by which time other boys had followed him.

Caleb opened the front door and headed towards them only to be pulled back by Madam Palfrey. “What’s all this?” She yelled out.

Holly stepped forward with her mother behind her. “We brought these for you and the boys.” Holly said as she shied back.

“We come bearing gifts and food for yourself and the boys. We all heard about the fire, and when Holly told us that you would be without gifts on Christmas day, we had to something. The blessing of Christmas is the gift of love and pulling together for those less fortunate. We don’t have much to give, but what we do have is more than what you started with I understand.” Holly’s mother added.

Madam Palfrey stood with her hands on her hips as she assessed the situation before her. She was strict but she wasn’t heartless. “Well, in that case, how can we say no?” Her voice echoed out across the street. Caleb’s face lit up in awe at what he was seeing, he had never seen Madam
Palfrey be as open to others as she was now.

“Come on in. I’m sure we have room to accommodate everyone.” She added as she stepped aside. Like Caleb, the other boys held smiles upon their faces; they too couldn’t believe what was happening.

Once inside, Holly caught up with Caleb, she had a something else for him. Something that she hoped he would like. “Caleb…”

Caleb turned round as he heard his name being called. “Hi Holly,” he said.

“Hi…” she added back shyly. “Listen…”

“Caleb” Madam Palfrey called out, interrupting Holly. “Could you come to my office for a moment please?”

Caleb swallowed hard. Her office was the one place he never wanted to be, but he couldn’t refuse, especially not with other people around them. Despite his urge to refuse he nodded and made his way towards him, turning only slightly to cast a solemn look back at Holly.
Holly on the other hand could only smile back at him. She knew what was coming even if Caleb did not. Her smile confused Caleb even more as Madam Palfrey’s hand fell upon his shoulder before turning him into her office. Before he entered, he could hear the faint chatter of other people inside. Two people at least, one male the other female.

Upon entering the room, Caleb looked towards the two adults sitting beside Madam Palfrey’s desk. He recognised the lady as being Holly’s mum. He had only seen her for a split second two days ago but he knew in his heart of hearts that it was her.

“Holly…. Are you coming in dear?” Madam Palfrey asked softly. “No? Okay then, we won’t be long love.”

Caleb was now more puzzled than he ever had been, he could only think of what he might have done wrong to be here right now. He backed up against the wall as Madam Palfrey passed him on route to her chair.

“Hello Caleb.” Holly’s mother said as she turned her attention towards him. “We’re Holly’s parents.”

“Hi” Caleb replied weakly.

“We’ve been talking, and we wondered… I know we don’t know each other or anything, but Holly couldn’t stop talking about you the other day, and we got talking, her father and I, I mean. And we’ve thought about this… we wondered…. How would you feel about becoming a part of our family?” She asked with a smile.

Caleb couldn’t quite comprehend what he was hearing, if indeed he had heard what he thought he had heard. “You mean… you want to… adopt me?” He stammered, still in shock.

“Well let’s not rush into anything here Caleb. You can come and live with us, see how things go before we talk it over. Besides, it will take a while for the paperwork to be arranged. By which time, we will know for certain if it’s right for you and us. That is, if you want to come and stay with us.” She added.

“I… I’d like that very much.” For the first time in two years Caleb’s smile was uncontrollable.

“We’ll let you get off Caleb. I’m sure you have plenty to sort out now.” Holly’s dad added before turning towards Madam Palfrey.

With the prospect of having somewhere but the orphanage to live in, Caleb didn’t waste any time in packing up his belongings, not that he had much to pack. He couldn’t wait to be out of that home, nor could he wait to be part of a family once more. While packing, he had learned that he wasn’t the only one to have found a family that day, others had done too. It had seemed that Holly’s thoughtfulness had granted the boys more than they could have hoped for.
He couldn’t help but smile and feel that his parents had answered his prayers. For upon this Christmas day, a miracle had been granted, a prayer had been heard. The gift of love and been given and Caleb wouldn’t spend another Christmas without people to call family.

February's First Update.

It's February now and this deems to be the first posting here this month. So where are we at today then? I feel like I've been slacking or lost for motivation of late, I've written little to nothing in the last nine days or so and the only breakthrough in writing arose last night into the early hours of this morning with 2000 words being written to run with the new series that I'm plotting out and working towards.

I still haven't gone back over Timber Varden to edit it yet, the reason being my printer has decided it doesn't want to play ball and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive, should be here within the next week or so I hope.

On the upside, Awakening is still progressing at a reasonable rate if not slow but the progress is there. For a novel that I started writing in January 2011, I can safely say it's not doing to bad but because it was the first ever one I attempted, it seems to take that bit longer for the inspiration for it to flow.

In the mean time, I'm working through the plot idea's for the new series that I've been pondering for the last two months, more information on this to follow. The structure for this is that I'm looking to pull it over three books, whether it will get there or not is another matter. Said three books will be titled as so - In The Presence Of Eagles - this being book 1. Raven's Blood - this being book two and last but not least, book 3 - United Under One Banner.

The plot structure for Morgan's Wake is still being looked at also, and I'm no further forward wit that than I was the last time that I posted. The Dreamer Weaver stands much the same as it was and The Forgotten Miracle was joint second in the Christmas challenge. Albeit there were only three entries and 5 votes placed. I can now look over that and see about adapting it to something fuller in length rather than being stuck at a primal 3000 words. I'll add that here in a moment or two, your thoughts and opinions are welcomed, and any suggestions on how to improve it will be greatly appreciated.

Oh and I'm also still trying to think of what to write for this years NaNoWriMo project in November, which I think now will be a lot slower paced than last time. I'm not so certain about having the time this year to divulge fully to it but I am looking at the option of taking another week off in the month to at least get the foundations down of what ever it is that I chose to write.