Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Challenge Set

There was a challenge set. To write a story or poem based on a word, that someone else had chosen. That person then left there word below what they had written and so the cycle continued. It's a great way to branch out and explore. I answered Twice... The strangest words in which I could have thought possible to focus anything about but I had a go lol... Branching out looking at other aspects..Not sure on the outcome... The words ...... 1 : Mutilation. 2 : Denial .. Here's what I wrote :s


How do I control my mind and save itself from such mutilation.
Where I become so cut up about the growing lack of concentration
Surely such mutilation could come in handy one day
Where I can then cut the words and file them away

Alas the dawn is coming and soon the light will shine
Will my mutilated mind revert back or shall I now resign
So when I turn the TV on what is there now to see
Mutilation of the land that once was ever Free

Dis-heartening to see such madness claim the hand of man
To mutilate the body of earth and treat it like a trash can
Oh how I wonder such things that tarnish my one controlled being
The mutilation of my thoughts every growing without seeing


As all the thoughts come rushing in
I can't be who others wish me to be
They tell me I'm in denial but I'm not giving in
They can do as they please and I'll be me

It's not me in denial but them if they can see
As I have no chains that smother me in any way
I'm not a follower of the crowd I am me and I am free
If only they could see their denial today

It would make things so much easier on us all
I won't have to hate the person I am because they do
I won't have to fight and shed the tears or stall
It's them in denial not me and that is true

All words above herein written by myself for me to branch out on the focus of the possibilities of one word inspirations. Fit therein only for the recycle bin lol

If anyone wants to have a go your word is ...Twice... first person to answer leaves another word as a subject.. second person takes that subject word... writes then leaves a subject word and so on.

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