Sunday, 23 October 2011

NaNo Project.

My chosen project for my first ever participation in NaNoWriMo (see previous posting) falls into the genre of Literary Fiction.

The title is now set in motion, which took a long time for the trigger to come. I was pondering so many titles that I had sitting for such a story but neither one fitted the aspect. It was only when I went looking for setting idea's did the title hit me. I was so busy focusing on the Wolf aspect in the title that I didn't see it sooner. Canis Lupus - aka The Wolf aka Grey Wolf - Aka - Timber Wolf. I removed the Wolf part completely and started working with Timber. I then decided I need something with some zing to run with it. I wanted something that for me brought about a sense of sanctuary, of peace. Something that was hidden from sight unless shown directly. It was then that Varden clicked to the forefront of the mind and from there it was truly set in motion. From a novel that was going to be called. Spirit of the Wolf... or even Wolf Whispers, it has now become Timber Varden and that name shall forever be the same.

Once the title clicked into place it was as if everything just fell at it's feet. A gift from god perhaps, who knows and only time will tell.

I've only been committed to Nano for two weeks now, with great thanks to another blog on line, one that represents the views of a writers Agent and how they deal with query letters as well as giving out ample advice to all those budding writers out there . But now that my mind is set and that it has a rough idea of the subject matter in which I intend to write about, I can't wait for it to come around.

Timber Varden thus far has one definitive main character.. well two if you count the wolf. But can animals be main characters? I don't have a clue. I'm running with the idea that they can, so make the main character count 2. I then have at least another 2 characters that don't feature so much so I think they would become secondary characters. Second to the Main one obviously.

The main leading character being - Christian Ash-Croft.

The current synopsis for - Timber Varden.

Christian Ash-Croft, a 35 year old writer, struggling to reach a deadline for a novel that he's yet to write. With time running out, stress levels soar to new heights. His life to him rapidly falls apart before his eyes. His relationship with long term partner Amelia Lockhart has been growing increasingly rough. Many arguments have passed between them, but as deadline looms, temperatures rise and it looks like his relationship could be all over.

With no work to show for the months that have passed. A decision is made and a call to the publisher is needed. Exchanges are made, the date is moved, and further choices are made. With his relationship looking increasingly over, Christian takes himself to his secluded Log Cabin which resides in Timber Varden. Only one road leads in and out, with no other soul around for miles, it's the perfect place for him to seek solace.

What comes next he doesn't expect nor anticipate. He knows of the Varden Pack but knows little of the legend that befalls Timber Varden. The legend of Timber Varden has it that the spirit of White Wolf can often be seen running with the Varden pack and yet not be one of them. Should anyone venture too far into danger or off course, the Wolf will find them, and lead them to safety. But there is more to this wolf than meets the eye.

What lies in wait for Christian in Timber Varden?
Will he finally get that novel written and make the new deadline?
Will he patch things up with Amelia?

Only Timber Varden holds the answers.

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