Monday, 16 January 2012

New Update

Its been 10 days since I last posted - Oh how ashamed must I be to redeem myself and my absence now. The truth is, I'm not ashamed, I'm proud, I'm happy. It's been a productive past 10 days and that for me, more than makes up for my absence.

So here's the update as everything now stands. In my last post I mentioned all the current idea's and titles that I had on the mind for my future projects and even now nothing has changed. Although, I have spent some time and made sure to have the openings done for some of these idea's. I have also made sure to put to paper the idea behind one of the titles.

As everything stands right now. Timber Varden - Completed first draft remains untouched and is being left to stew for a while longer before the first process of arduous editing begins.
And the update for Awakening now stands as follows. After 10 days of focus upon it, Awakening as returned to 10 days ago, began at just over 37,000 words and now stands at 50,392. Has this of been NaNo, the 13,000 words written would already be behind on the daily targets and should be standing at 16,667 for 10 days. Which means as today's the 11th day it should be closer to 18,333 in additional contents. But it is not NaNo, and thus hence, I can take my time and allow it to simmer as it grows in the think pot awaiting for me to pluck it out piece by tedious piece.

The following, as you will see is the progress that has been made on those idea's.

The Keeper Of The Light : Status - unchanged.

The Dream Weaver : Status - Basic Idea set and is as follows
The Dream Weaver is about someone who has the power to create and manipulate dreams, who can enter the dreams of other people and twist them round for his own desires, or change them to better ones, people come to him to ask him to weave for them a specific dream to bring them comfort, or one that recreates a vivid memory of the past. (Basic plot - needs defining and strengthening.)

Morgan's Wake (working title) :Status - Opening line now in place.
They say that on Halloween, The Festival Of The Dead, the veil between this world and the next is thinner. I never believed in any of that nonsense, but now, well now it's different. Now I know for certain that it is true, because now, I can't get them to go away, or be quiet. It doesn't matter where I am, or what I do, they follow me like shadows in the light. Even loud music doesn't stop the chatter and if you haven't guessed already, I'm talking about the spirits of the dead... Hello, I'm Morgan, welcome to my life.. (Last part might be omitted.)

Sati: A Timber Varden Novella : Status - Opening line now in place.
In the deepest recesses of Timber Varden, glimmers of a wolf can be found. A wolf not like any other, and not to be mistaken as one of the Varden pack. They call him Sati, we call him Sati the wise.

A Christmas short that I want to adapt and make longer, either novella or novel length. :Status - No change until after the votes process on another forum.

One where Tobias is the main character - Untitled : Status - Opening is now in place.
"There comes a time when a boy must grow to be a man. When that time is however, not even I can be certain. But rest assured Tobias, for when the time is right, you will know when it must be done." He stated. "But don't let your mind run away with you, for now you are still but a boy, and one who should learn to follow the rules."
Tobias crossed his arms and scowled back at his head teacher. He didn't take kindly to being told who or what he was, even if they were wrong. To them he was but a boy, but not a child. They didn't know the real Tobias, and it seemed increasingly likely that they never would. Which is what Tobias wanted deep down, to live his life in peace and keep his secret safe from the outside world.

Then you have the NaNo novel for this coming year - as yet undecided

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