Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February's First Update.

It's February now and this deems to be the first posting here this month. So where are we at today then? I feel like I've been slacking or lost for motivation of late, I've written little to nothing in the last nine days or so and the only breakthrough in writing arose last night into the early hours of this morning with 2000 words being written to run with the new series that I'm plotting out and working towards.

I still haven't gone back over Timber Varden to edit it yet, the reason being my printer has decided it doesn't want to play ball and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive, should be here within the next week or so I hope.

On the upside, Awakening is still progressing at a reasonable rate if not slow but the progress is there. For a novel that I started writing in January 2011, I can safely say it's not doing to bad but because it was the first ever one I attempted, it seems to take that bit longer for the inspiration for it to flow.

In the mean time, I'm working through the plot idea's for the new series that I've been pondering for the last two months, more information on this to follow. The structure for this is that I'm looking to pull it over three books, whether it will get there or not is another matter. Said three books will be titled as so - In The Presence Of Eagles - this being book 1. Raven's Blood - this being book two and last but not least, book 3 - United Under One Banner.

The plot structure for Morgan's Wake is still being looked at also, and I'm no further forward wit that than I was the last time that I posted. The Dreamer Weaver stands much the same as it was and The Forgotten Miracle was joint second in the Christmas challenge. Albeit there were only three entries and 5 votes placed. I can now look over that and see about adapting it to something fuller in length rather than being stuck at a primal 3000 words. I'll add that here in a moment or two, your thoughts and opinions are welcomed, and any suggestions on how to improve it will be greatly appreciated.

Oh and I'm also still trying to think of what to write for this years NaNoWriMo project in November, which I think now will be a lot slower paced than last time. I'm not so certain about having the time this year to divulge fully to it but I am looking at the option of taking another week off in the month to at least get the foundations down of what ever it is that I chose to write.

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