Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rainbow Children

The following is a Short Story written for Becca Harris' writing challenge.

Rainbow Children - A flash fiction short story.

Georgia often recalled the stories her grandfather told her before he passed. The stories about the Rainbow Children rekindled the fire within her. They were always brought to mind whenever she spotted the stunning sight of a double rainbow, often seen after the rain had passed, just as it had been earlier in the day. As much as she adored them, she couldn’t be certain whether those stories were based on fact, or whether they were more fable than anything else. But that never distorted her bewilderment and adoration of them, and nothing thrilled her more than recalling from those stories once told to her. She would retell them, word for word perfect to those who would spare a moment to listen. Often it was the case where she would speak them when she was babysitting. The children she watched loved to listen as much as she did. Each tale told, would weave a magical essence within their minds. Each in return would then be held as the sole creation of new dreams that would spring from the pools they once remained.

Tonight was no different. Zach and Ellie had just clambered down the stairs, now ready for bed and eager for her to recall one of her favoured tales. Georgia knew that if she wanted them to do as they were told later in the evening, that she should relent and give them what they wanted. They were good kids after all and she never had any hassle from them.

“I’ll tell you a story… if you promise to go to bed when it’s time.” Georgia stated before either of them could get a word out.

“Cross our hearts,” they replied.

“Okay good. Well get comfortable and I’ll think of just the right one for you two.” She added.
Without hesitation they jumped up onto the sofa and waited for Georgia to begin. When she was sure that they were settled and ready to listen, she was able to begin the story that filled her heart the most.

“On lands now distant to this world, a double rainbow spanned across the sky. It stretched over the tallest of mountains. It’s rumoured that upon that day, a child was born. This child, a girl, was born of prophecy and with the gift of foresight herself. It is said that the days aged and she with it, that it had become apparent that there was more to her than anyone could have ever foretold. Even the greatest seer’s, could not foretell her profound ability. She had become known as The Star Walker. She would speak of memories from places unheard of, untouched and unseen. She knew answers to questions way beyond her years and when danger would be upon her people. To which she would also have a direct course of action to protect them. At the age of 5, she had people come to her, asking her for guidance. They came from all over looking, for answers and blessings.” Georgia paused a moment to catch her breath before she continued.

“What puzzled her people more was her ability to communicate with animals. It didn’t matter whether they were known to the people, or whether they came from the heart of the wild. She feared not one of them and always made time to see to their needs where possible, even if it meant tending to open wounds. It never fazed her, nor was she shown how to do what she did. She knew, deep down inside her, she knew all that she needed to know.” Georgia could hear the sighs of amazement slipping past the lips of Zach and Ellie. Just hearing them made her smile inwards. A sense of pride now filled her as she continued once more.

“She grew to be a very formidable force within her settlement. That no foe would dare try anything when they knew that she was there to stop any threat. Her people could live in peace once and for all. And it is told, that when her calling came, heavy rain fell from the heavens for days on end. When it finally stopped, a double rainbow spanned across the sky once more, the first double rainbow sighting since the birth and the death of the Star Walker. So rare that it was, that it was held highly in the hearts of her nation, and on that day another child was born where the rainbow touched the ground. This child, a boy, would become leader of the second coming. Just like girl, he was wise beyond his years, and so his people lived in peace for many years.”

“What could he do?” Zach asked.

“Well that’s another story, now off to bed.”


“No buts… a promise is a promise. Goodnight.”

© Jennifer Don 2012


  1. Enjoyed reading.. ty for sharing Avalon Ix

  2. Very nice...and...I'm ready for bed...will you tell us more tomorrow night?

    1. More.... you want more??? (Said like the man in Oliver Twist)

      In time perhaps I'll add more to it :)

  3. That is beautiful... Enjoyed it a

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment :)