Friday, 13 April 2012

Review of Annie's Trail.

Okay, I'm holding my hands up here in nerves. I posted my first ever review last night on Amazon for the book Annie's Trail, which is written by Aunt T Pathfinder. But right now, right here, I want to take you further.

When I began reading this book, one thing captured me straight away - Will you help me, or hinder me? ... The question asked within the prologue, the very same question that had me intrigued and yearning for more.

That very question had me wondering as to what it would point to, what would be that might be deemed a hinderance. It's from here my love of this book stems deep into it's pages.

Annie's Trail is named after the Main Character in the book, Annie Pierson. It's the story of her journey, her sorrow, her love, and more so her willingness to help, no matter who needed it, she would be there.
The book begins years before the main setting, with the birth of a child. A child, of which Vardes, the planet, knew would be needed in time. But another was involved, neither souls had ever met, but all that was about to change.

Annie, feeling uneasy in her surroundings, removes herself from the hectic household of her family, a walk is what she deemed the best course of action. One that would see Annie, change the course of her future forever, and one that put both her and her family's safety at risk. The cause? A two hundred year old train wreck that would run through the fatefull day tragedy struck, where everyone on board, perished. It was here, Annie, healed the lost and trapped souls, sending them into the light to be with those who waited so long for them.

Her course of action, from that day, saw Annie leave the only home she had ever known, in flight from the preists who sought to find the healer of that train wreck. It was also here that she learned of her family heritage, that her bloodline, directly descended from Millie Cheavers. The very person who discovered Vardes.

In her Journey, Annie does all that she can to heal those indeed, to cleanse the spirits of old, and clear the curses from the land and all affected by it. But she travels not alone, a crow and a merecat become her compainions through different stages of her journey. And as she travels she makes friends with the Gypsies and goes on to find love. Her soul mate, Michael arrives right when he is needed, and Annie learns just how long he had actually been around her.

This book is filled with shifters, gypsies, surprises, shocks, tears, love and laughter within these pages. Oh, and there's so much more that only your eyes will uncover.

Annie's trail had me captivated from start to finish, I loved every moment. The deeper I delved, the more I wanted, the more I still want. If ever a sequal arose from this book, then I assure I would be one of the first to buy it.

Will you open your heart to a tale based both in fantasy and reality?
Rating 5/5!

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