Friday, 20 April 2012

Anathema Review

Anathema, by K.A Tucker - The Review.

Anathema is a well written, smooth flowing, Young Adult Paranormal novel written by K.A. Tucker, and is not your typical Vampire novel. It is filled with twists and turns to keep you yearning for more, drawing you deeper into Evangeline’s world.

Anathema follows Evangeline’s journey between two worlds, one dominated by humans and the other by vampires alone. A Journey built on naivety and unwilling trust to do what is right to survive.  Between these two worlds she learns the truth of what surrounds her and finds love in the most unlikely of places.
Friendships built on lies fall apart like badly woven string, while new bonds are formed from the old. Caden, a Vampire, does all he can to protect Evangeline from harm whilst she remains in his world, as she makes friends with Amelie his sister, Fiona and Bishop. All the while trying to avoid being caught by the Council, who would either kill her for being human, or torture her until she reveals where others like her remain. .
Evangeline later discovers that her dreams to this world were not dreams at all. In fact they were real and it scared her, but she longed to be there, despite the danger. Not only that, but she had no choice. If she wanted to live, she had to follow what was demanded of her from Sofie, Viggo and Mortimer.
Best laid plans don’t work out as spells twist and work unexpectedly putting Evangeline’s life in even more danger despite almost having the one thing she wanted.

This novel had me gripping its pages, waiting for more, wanting more. I was so pulled by it, that even when I wasn’t reading its well written prose, I would dream about Evangeline, I would imagine different scene's that hadn't been written. I could see myself as being her and wanting what she wanted. I could feel everything that she felt, and to me that’s the tell-tale signs of a book well worth it. Before I leave you to decide whether it is a book for you or not, I wanted to share a small section that truly highlights just well this book is written.

‘A relentless, bone-chilling drizzle had laid siege to Portland for the month of September—the kind of gloomy, wet weather that made a person dream of hibernating under a heavy blanket until spring.’ – Anathema, by K.A. Tucker.

A novel I found hard to put down, but whether you enjoy Young Adult novels or not, surely the pull of Vampires is enough to tempt your blood thirsty compulsion to read this book. I am now ready to dip into Asylum, the second book in this the Casual Enchantment Series.

Rating 4 out 5

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