Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Challenge Set!

Well, the challenge has been set, the theme laid down and the gloves are now well and truly off. Only, I haven’t yet decided the context of what I will be writing about for said such Challenge. Wait, I haven’t mentioned this challenge yet have I?

*Rewind 10 steps* Okay now let’s start again. I am an avid follower of a wonderful book related page on Facebook. This said page has just recently announced the theme of their new charity short story contest. An with it the opening date for sending in those short stories, as well as the closing date.

I have 5 months in which to write, edit and send off a short story consisting of 5000 to 7500 words. It must be YA genre and there is a specific theme for this event, chosen by the page’s followers.

But now the issue becomes questionable on what I will write about and how I will run with it. I have some idea’s in mind but they have been hovering for a while. Basically, I want to take them longer than the short story length which means I need to come up with something else. Paranormal based is the theme that suits me, but now I am finding myself seeming lost for ideas for this theme.

I will update on the progress as it comes together.

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