Sunday, 17 June 2012

Guest Amadi Kyym

Welcome to week 4 of the tour. This week I have author Amadi Kyym as my guest on Ravaging Thoughts. Today she will be revealing to you whom her favourite author is and why. So without any further delay, let's dive in and divulge the small treat of influence this author has presented us today.

Two For One Sale - My Favorite Author(s)
By Amadi Kyym

My all time favourite author is Tom Clancy. By reading his novels, which really didn't read like novels, but true life. I've been turned on to military, spy and political thrillers ever since.

I started reading his first book “The Hunt for Red October” because of a co-worker of mine. Barbara's husband had served in the Marines in Nam (Vietnam) with Tom Clancy and they were great friends. He had just published new book ( the aforementioned), and my co-worker came in to hawk it.

“You gotta go out, buy, and read this guys book! He writes great stuff!” she told us. Then she went on to tell the history of the book.

Apparently the facts in the books were so real that Mr. Clancy was visited and questioned by the Three Letter Agencies, The CIA, FBI, and The Secret Service. Why? According to Barbara they wanted to know where he had gotten such sensitive information. He honestly informed them that the information was available under the Freedom of Information Act, and all of it had been previously “declassified”. Therefore it had been deemed safe for public consumption.

In other words, back then (in the late 1980's and early 1990's) he merely went to the library and spent some quality time with the card files, reference books and microfiche, the old fashioned way! I can just imagine our young digitalized teens trying to do that now.

I went right out and bought “The Hunt For Red October”, read it and loved it from day one. I've been a fan of Tom Clancy ever since.

I'm also a fan of Anne Rule. She investigates and writes true crime novels. She is the cause of me staying up late at night into the wee hours with my hair standing on end. It's through her I became interested in law enforcement and criminal investigations. You can say this helped influence my career as a police clerical.

Who is or who are your favourite authors? What books have you recently read by them? Tell us in a brief paragraph how said author(s) have influenced your life.


I, Amadi Kyymm (aka Nanci E. Maynard) am a writer. I originally started writing for my first love: Star Trek, then WRPGs (Written Role Playing Games), and blogging. I'm currently working on my first novel, “The Knight Riders” which I hope to publish soon. Additionally, I am a mild mannered woman, working a not so mild mannered job as a police clerical. I'm a life long New York City resident, and live with my two cats Biscuit and Spiral.

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  1. You know, I could never get into his books. Perhaps it was more down to the fact that he doesn't write in the genre that grabs my attention. My dad on the other hand loves that book - Hunt For The Red October.

    Currently my favourite author/s are Suzanne, Author of The Hunger Games. Despite all the controversy over this one, I still love Stephanie Meyers, especially after reading Debra Jane East's post about her. What she had written really touched my heart. I'm also a fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Author of The Shadow In The Wind and The Angels Game. Both of which are truly amazing books. Oh and not to forget Stephen King, the master of horror :)

  2. I love Tom Clancy. Never knew that about him. What a cool story.

    Currently I'm reading a ton of indie authors and have been giving many of my favorite authors a break. I'm reading lots of genre's I would not normally read. It has been interesting trying to figure out if a book I'm reading is not capturing my attention because it is not of one of my favorite genre's of it the book needs help.

    1. Oh yes, can't forget our wonderful Indie Authors :)

  3. Loved the blog post! I don't read this genre but I love to watch the movies. The Hunt For Red October was awesome!

    Charlaine Harris is one of my fave authors, I love me some vampires :)