Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Progress Report.

OK, It's been two weeks since my last posting, but I'm here now. Life has been busy, distracting if you want to call it that, but I'm not making excuses. I have maintained to writing every day, which is rather hard to believe. I'll admit it's hard to get the ball rolling, but once the ground has been prepared it makes it so much easier to plant the seeds that then grow into something more, it's much the same with writing. Your first... 300 words of the day may seem tedious and straining, but once you get going, it flows with you, and before you know it you've churned out another 2000 words.

So where is it at... I hear you asking. Well as of last night (early hours of this morning) I reached the unthinkable (even for me) word count of 100,000 and surpassed it by a following 233 words. I didn't think I'd be even close to hitting 50k by this time, let alone doubling it. I'm amazed at how much has been written, but I'm not holding my hopes up as there is heck of a lot of working needing done to the book when the first draft is finished.

What's still needing done?

How about the character descriptions of Christian, Amelia and Eric at the start of the book. Room details, such as the Study at the start, his sitting room perhaps, and most definitely his Cabin in Timber Varden. I also need to go back through it and fix out the tensing errors such as past tense over present. Past tense would work better by head and fingers seem to think it's fun to keep swapping from past to present then back to past again.

I'm also considering looking at how other people see things and how they feel rather than most of the book coming across in first person, when it should be first and third omi.

Can you tell I'm newbie when it comes to writing, this book I'm working on is only my second Novel attempt, both of which have been started this year, neither first drafts are finished but Timber Varden is so much further along in development in comparison to my love child Awakening. I love it's story so much, but finding it really hard to get the right flow and composure for it. So many things have happened over the year to interrupt it's pacing, but once Nano is done, I'll go back to that one, giving myself a break from this one before coming back to it.

I think, I should consider investing in a proper Dictionary and Thesaurus to help me progress further and give a better understanding of the written word, which when I compare my writing to that of others, it really does lack depth. But then, we are always told to write what we know, so if we don't know such fancy words, it is best to keep it simple, not everyone has a knowledge for nearly unpronounceable words.

Top Tip: Don't go back and make changes while you still write your first draft.
Write often, whether it's only a little amount or thousands at once makes no difference just get the words down DAILY.

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