Sunday, 4 December 2011

Such A Struggle

Can you say struggle?

Because that's what its like today just to get those words written down. Since the turn of December I've yet to write 1,000 words, where as compared to November, they were flying out almost at full speed. It seems now that it's December - the crash is on, the down time prevailing over the will to write, the muse seems to have gone on holiday without due care and consultation. How dare he leave me hanging like this when I need his aid!

It's not helping with the obvious build up of Christmas trade and increasing lack of space to write. I can't write over at my desk right now, which is what's irritating me more than anything. Why? I hear you asking... well there has occurred a leak in the ceiling which drips to where the chair sits, making this novice writer feel more like a damp squid out of water, one feeling I do not wish to feel. I'd rather be cosy and dry writing away, than sitting at the desk with water dripping down my back. Dare I sit elsewhere to write in the house then I need to put up with constant distraction and interruption namely from my beautiful border collie who has the most impeccable timing to approach you when your busy, the rest of the time she leaves you in peace.

At least you can see the will to write has not vanished, this post shows that, but that doesn't help with the novel which is so close to being finished it's ridiculous. How can such a yearning to write it evade one's grasp? I mean you'd think another 8,000 words wouldn't be that difficult to write after churning out 112,364 since November 1st. Yes it's a first draft - a bad first draft. But it's a start, where upon it will be looked at and edited, then looked at again and edited. It could take several edits to have it looking the way I want it to, I'm prepared for that, I'm willing to put the time in and sort it, but I want to finish the first draft first. 8,000 words at least until the main bulk of Timber Varden is finished, but then there's the additional 25,000 to consider for the secondary short story that I want to run with it, which I'm seriously reconsidering at this moment in time. I'm not so sure that I could right from the perspective of an animal despite seeing how it unfolds in my mind but I do believe that I should at least attempt to write it. Better to say I attempted and failed than to say I never tried in the first place.

So The motto here is : You never know how it will go if you only procrastinate over it, it's best to make a start then decide if it's working for you.

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