Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Why do you write?

During school years, I didn't take well to being told what we could write about, or the reviews he just HAD to write, about books that didn't mean all that much in the first place... Although Steinbeck - Of Mice and Men remains a favourite from that era but that's the only one. It's with that thought in mind that I spent several years with no inclination to pick a pen or pencil up and start writing. But the last four years seemed to change everything.

I began to have words and phrases floating around in my head that didn't seem to anywhere apart from a blank page that just seemed to yearn for them. So that there started my passion to write. I spent the first 3 years focused upon poetry, the whole thought of writing a story seemed to haunt me. That was until this year. So much had happened over the years that there needed a way to release the thoughts or expressions that couldn't be done through speech and writing answered that calling.

I began finding structured idea's flowing in my mind that just needed to get out there. Ideas that were obviously too long and detailed to ever be poetry. Which then lead me to zoning in to the thoughts that flowed around such ideas, where then the hand took over and began writing them down. That then started the whole thing off properly.

From there I announce the birth of my first attempt at novel writing, which started in January of this year and remains to be completed but still conceals in my mind a firm foundation that seems to keep flowing even now when I work on my NaNo Novel.

I write with the memory of friends and family in mind. With their support they aid me onwards. I may not be the best, but at least I can hold my head high with pride at what I've achieved.

I write because I have a voice that wants to be heard, albeit from the pages it's written within. I write because there is a fire under my soles that keeps me going. ... That might not be the answer people expect, but that's my answer.

So - I open this to anyone out there reading this - Why do you write, tell me why you are a writer, what inspires you, what empowers you, what keeps you going through all else?


  1. Good question, and good for writers to continue asking it to themselves.

    "Writing" has always been the one academic area I excelled at, so I trust that means there is some amount of natural talent.

    More than that, though, writing is how I process the world, around me and within myself. Journalling has helped me find my way.

    Poetry is my method for working through issues, for appreciating beauty, for, as you mentioned, being heard.

    Many years back, in the midst of great turmoil, after hearing it suggested on a radio program, I wrote my prayers to God. It turned out to be something I've never completely stopped. My thoughts flow freely and I have something to go back to so I can see how God has answered those prayers.

    The idea of writing a book began in 2005, after God answered my prayers about writing. At that time I wrote a children's story. Though I knew it was not at its best, I submitted it to quite a few publishers. It is important to me, so I will go back to it. I have long adored children's books, read them to my kids and my preschool classes, even frequently sat alone in the children's section of the library reading them to myself.

    Then I began reading the new Young Adult novels and was pretty amazed at what is out there today. In 2009 I began a YA novel for NaNoWriMo, and continued to work on it for the 2010 NaNo. (It's still not finished.) During this year's NaNo I started a new YA novel and plan on finishing this one.

    My long-term goal is to get into schools and libraries and talk to young people about going for their dreams, etc. I get along well with kids of all ages and enjoy their company. I am passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and overcoming fear and lack of self-esteem.

    Sorry this got so long. Passion tends to do that to a person! LOL

    1. Thank you for your reply Patti, I think it's good to know what makes other writers tick and allows to see how similar we actually are.