Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another Wave!

Here's another new idea that's forming in my mind as I battle to keep the pen focused on the novel at hand. Alas, the words, they had to be written. And so they stand now upon the pages or immortal memory.

Startled, Kaila shot up and out of bed as a shrill scream reverberated through the morning air. At first she assumed the sound had escaped from her very own lungs, as her dreams tormented her. With unseen hands pulling at her, tearing her apart. Scorching her soul with burning embers of coal, those very memories haunted her, endlessly.

But then she heard it once more, closer, almost shaper the second time around. Her heart pounding against her chest in a thundering pace, as if it were telling her not to go venture towards the window, but her mind and body had other ideas. She soon found herself peering out upon the horizon, searching in frantic anticipation for any clues as to what or who had been responsible for those eardrum shattering screams.

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