Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Koda Post 2

Welcome to your second Koda Post.

This weeks post is sent in by Nicola Jeffrey. Instead of opting to write her own posting, she has asked that I put the following in it's place, and being a fellow Koda, I was not going to refuse.

Cathy Brockman and friends will be hosting a blog series of romantic stories starting next Monday. The blog is up with promotional information @

The stories will be free access to all and will be of four different romance genres.

And while we're here on the theme of Koda Post.

I am excited to be able to present to you this invitation where Author's are live in an onlineconference for all of you to see. Itwould bless me if you could come join me and cheer my fellow Authors and friends.. All you have to do is click the link below atthe time stated then scroll to bottom of page, enter your first and last nameand click enter. You will be directed tothe conference room where you will see me and several others! I personally do not have a book being promoted at this time, but don't let that discourage you. There are many fantastic authors who will be sharing their work with you. I hope you can all come.

Wed, March 28 starts at (12:30am 29th GMT) 7:30EDT/6:30pmCDT/5:30pmMDT/4:30PDT
Thurs March 29 starts at (6:30pmGMT)1:30EDT/12:30CDT/11:30amMDT/10:30amPDT: