Friday, 23 March 2012

Where were we?

Indeed, it certainly begs the question, where were we when I spoke to you last?

It feels like an age has passed since my last proper posting on here, and a busy one it's been. According to my last posting, it was with regards to Braevar Forest which is still floating as it was left. I want it to simmer and come to the boil before I delve into the cooking pot and see what delicacies it brings to arouse the attention of my muse.

It happens to be simmering well at the moment, but not well enough to dissect the entrails and create a new picture with them. As tempting as it is, there are more than enough undulating pulses that thrive for my attention with what I am currently working on.

As you'll know, or may know, I have 'a few' working projects on the go. If you didn't know that already, then you do now. But my main focus currently is 'the baby'. This connects to the first EVER novel that I started to write. This is the 'love child' of all creations spawned from my ever expanding mind.

Okay so it's nothing fancy, and it's taken a year and 3 months to get it to where it is now. It's crawling towards the end, slowly, but it's heading in that direction. Awakening (the love child) is standing pretty at 73,559 words long. That's pretty good going if you ask me. Considering the fact that it was abandoned for a huge amount of time. Well from August '11 until January 5 '12, which is where I picked it back up.

It will never hold the title of being the best novel in the world, nor will it hold the title of being the first novel I've written from start to finish. I'm afraid that 'finish' title has already been snatched from it's grasp and handed to Timber Varden. Although technically it's still not finished but at least the first draft is. That has to count for something... doesn't it?

I'm dreading the moment where I know I must edit them and fix them up, and this will take up a lot of time. I've got used to that fact and know it must be done. But you see, I'm a novice where novices begin. I know little of what is needed to bring it up to scratch, but I'll tell you something, I am but one member of an amazing group of people on facebook who, like myself, love the written word. What's this group I hear you ask?

It's none other than MasterKoda.Com, with Kim Mutch Emerson the Master Koda herself! Such a beautiful, friendly soul. I'm very fortunate to be welcomed into the hearts of everyone within this group and in the short space of time there, I have made so many wonderful friends. I would name them all but I'd need a longer blog in order to do so, so it is with all my heart that I thank each of them for becoming a great part of my life. And with you all, I hope to learn from and grow amongst.

And who knows, perhaps one of these days I'll actually be in a position to turn round and say that I have a book out there in this world, and I know you're the group of people that will help me get there when the time comes.

Until next time, this is Jennifer Don, signing out!

P.S ... To find on facebook hover over the above mention and click on it, and it you want to more about the brains behind MasterKoda then click on Kim's name. To see my Author page on Facebook.... that's right you click on my name.

See that wasn't hard now was it?


  1. All I can say is - I am in tears. Love going out to you Jennifer! Thank you...

    1. It was the least that I could do :)

  2. *applause* (and Kim, chief of the many lovely people I've met there) is an amazing group of fellow writers. I feel so honored to have been accepted there and to be learning from so many talented people.

    Great post, Jennifer.


  3. Great post. Jen you have been an amazing addition to the group. We look forward too helping you through the edit process and celebrating your published book with you. Kim is incredible.

  4. Wonderful article! Thanks Jen for sharing from your heart! We all look forward to helping you through the edits (they are hard, but so worth it!) and then celebrating with you when your book is published!