Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Plot Thickens!!!

I've had a 'Light bulb' moment while at work today. In such I now have another plot line forming for yet another novel. As much as I want to go and work on this now, it just isn't all that possible. I already have two novels on the go, by which I mean being written and one novel awaiting stern Edits. So with that in mind, I have considered this idea to be filed under NaNo 2012 hopefuls.

Here's the Idea that arrived sharply this afternoon.

The title to be is - Braevar Forest.

Destiny is one of the last few known descendants of Brahameer. Who's very bloodline is capable of telepathic communication to the world around them. Whilst unable to communicate in this manner with human kind, the animal kingdom are more willing and forth coming.

A small settlement resides in the heart of Braevar Forests. It's within this settlement that Destiny resides - her family bloodline long since forgotten until one afternoon she finds herself alone in Braevar Forest and facing her fear straight the eye, into the eyes of the wolf.

It is here she discovers her skills of telepathic communication, and it's here that new friendships are born. What will this bring to her, and what will it mean for the community?

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